How to Care for your Kasey Lee Hair Extensions

Whether you are a newbie or a long-term user, it is always important to refresh your memory on how to properly care for your hair extensions. We want you loving your luscious locks for as long as possible before getting them refilled, so a proper home-care routine is essential!

Our signature Kasey Lee Hair Extensions are made from premium high quality Remy human hair with a seamless, smoother & stronger feel with long lasting effects than the typical weft & tape extensions. Absolutely a game changer in the hair extension world!

Our Top Tips for Looking after your Kasey Lee Hair Extensions:

Washing your Extensions

When washing your extensions it is important to keep them hydrated as much as possible as they don’t receive the natural nutrients that your natural hair would. Ensure you’re steering clear of any products with Sodium Sulfate or Alcohol ingredients, these will dry your hair out or cause it to frizz up, therefore reducing the longevity of your extension life-span! Keep your hair hydrated and wash as required.

When washing your extensions use a gentle touch with a cool rinse to lock in the moisture. Carefully squeeze any excess water from the extensions and wrap your hair in one of our Kasey Lee Microfibre Towels.

Please note: We don’t recommend submerging your hair in chlorine or salt water as it will strip the moisture from your hair and cause mineral build up which can result in the hair turning green. If it is unavoidable, use a clarifying shampoo like the Ulban alchemy Scrub Cleanse and follow up with a moisturising treatment after your swim. Our go to is the Redken All Soft Leave-In Treatment.

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Drying your Extensions

We recommend staying away from heat if possible, otherwise air-drying or using a ‘cool’ setting on your hair dryer will help avoid drying out your extensions. If you’re unable to air-dry your hair, ensure you use a high-quality heat protectant to protect your extensions – We recommend Redken’s Iron Shape Heat Protectant. Gently pat the excess moisture with a microfibre towel to remove excess water without rubbing too vigorously. Ensure your hair is at least 90% dry before brushing with our KLBS Detangle Brush. Use your fingers to gently glide through your extensions to loosen any tangles and focus on drying the root of the weft first and work your way to the bottom.

Note: Never brush your extensions when they are wet as it’s more susceptible to breakage, it’s best to brush them either before washing or when your hair has completely finished drying.

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Night Care Routine:

To reduce the risk of matting and tangling throughout the night, ensure your hair is completely dry before you hit the snooze button to avoid weak, brittle hair when you wake up. Secondly, plaiting your hair extensions or putting your hair in a *loose* pony tail (loose scrunchies are best) is recommended to ensure your hair stays nice and untangled throughout the night.

We also recommend investing in a Silk Pillow Case – trust us when we say these are *life changing*. This is as good of an excuse as any to treat yourself with silk pillow cases and live the luxe life. Silk Pillow Cases are perfect to avoid tangling and breakage of your extensions as well as hold the moisture in while you sleep.


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How long do KLBS Hair Extensions last?

Our Kasey Lee Russian hair Extensions generally last between 12 – 18 months when they are cared for correctly. The life span of your Hair Extensions depends on how they are coloured, cared for and treated at home. Refits are required between 5-6 weeks for fine hair, and 6-8 weeks for thicker hair.

With a good routine, your hair extensions will last months on end while you enjoy fuller, thicker, healthier and luscious looking locks!

If you have any further questions about our Kasey Lee Blonde Specialist Hair Extensions, make sure you reach out to one of our team members on your next salon visit or contact us directly at for more information.

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