The Ultimate Blow Waves

rFeel like you need to keep going back to the salon just to get the ultimate blow waves? With the right products & technique, you can achieve the ultimate blow waves from home! We asked Kasey to give us her top 3 tips to nailing the Blow Wave technique.


Kasey’s Top Tips on How to Achieve the Ultimate Blow Waves


1. Ultimate “Body”

After spraying your root volumizer for the optimum hair volume, turn your head upside down or focus on blowing your roots upwards until they are dry. By doing this, your roots will then bounce back over and give your hair that extra bounce and body volume for the perfect blow wave look.

2. Dream Bangs

Blow your fridge backwards and brush it back with a Blow Wave Brush leaving it there until your hair has fully cooled. To get the right face shape with your blow wave, curl *away* from your face and pinch it at the front with a clip until cooled.

3. Smooth the Ends

Once you have finished curling your hair, smooth out and straighten the ends to allow for a more relaxed wave look.

Now that you have Kasey’s top tips on how to nail the Ultimate Blow Wave from home, here are the must-have products you need to help style your hair and leave it lasting.


Our Top 5 Products for Styling Your Hair


1. Blow Out Spray

Quick Blowout is a lightweight blow dry primer spray for all hair types and textures. It has a bi-phase formula that once shaken, will condition and smooth hair for an effortless blowout with heat protection up to 230 degrees. Leaving your hair feeling smooth, shiny and nourished.

Redken Quick Blowout Spray Bottle 125mls


2. Root Volumiser – Guts 10

The name says it all – our go to for adding volume and style support from the roots. Improving the manageability of hair and wearability of all hair styles. Perfect for the ultimate blow wave!


3. Frizz Dismiss

Control that frizz!! With the weather constantly changing, this anti-frizz hair oil and serum helps control the frizz caused from humidity and creates instant smoothness.



4. Acidic Bonding Leave-In Treatment

Redken’s most acidic, most protecting and the most concentrated leave-in treatment helps to repair the strength in your hair & reinforce weakened bonds. This leave-in conditioner helps to rebalance the natural pH levels to promote healthy hair growth, giving you those luscious long locks you adore so much.


5. All Soft Oil

The ultimate softness and hydration oil for your hair. Featuring Argan oil to replenish your hair’s moisture balance and improve the manageability and shine, providing x15 more conditioning. All Soft Oil is perfect to use after a blow dry to smooth out your hair and embrace that shine!



Secret Option No 6. Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo can often be forgotten about… but not only is it incredible for soaking up oils, it adds volume to your hair for the ultimate style game. 

Top Tip:  Post styling, spray dry shampoo to your roots to eliminate oils from occurring. 

There you have it ladies, these top 5 products are perfect to help you style your hair, all with different benefits to keep your hair healthy, fresh and ready to shine! 

Here are some of our fave blow-wave styles that we have done in the past and we are obsessing over!! Don’t forget to tag us on socials @kaseylee_blondespecialist so we can see your luscious lock styles!


Blow Wave Goals.

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