Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my appointment take?

Please allow up to 4 hours for your hair appointment or for colour corrections allow up tp 5 hours.

Blonde/Balayage takes time to perfect. We take extra special care to ensure you leave the salon with a beautiful colour. We love happy clients, so please don’t set us a time frame or rush us!


Can I bring any extras? Friends/ parents / children?

The salon also has a no extra’s policy in place. Unfortunately, this also includes babies and children. We have limited space in the salon and like to make sure all clients have a relaxing experience. Our insurances also don’t cover children as we have a lot of chemical products and hot styling tools, and it is not safe for little ones.


What can I do to prepare for my first hair appointment at KLBS?

Please come in with semi clean hair 3 or less days washed before the appointment. Having it too dirty makes it harder for the lightener to lift through.

If you get scalp lightener, please leave it unwashed 3 or more days. It is better for it to be dirty as the oils work as a barrier to protect the scalp.

If you are using any supper market products, please throw them in the bin right away as your hair may have a chemical reaction. If you are using nonprofessional products, please book in for a detox treatment prior to your appointment. This will help us on to achieve your goal quicker and safer.

Inform your colourist if you’re pregnant/ breastfeeding

Inform your colourist if you have any allergies

Inform your colourist if you are on any hormone medication or weightless medication or recently had weightless surgery.


How many sessions will it take before I get my dream colour?

Unfortunately, this is a question we are unable to answer until you undergo your first session with us. Colour corrections can take time and patience. Lots of things to factor in

Start colour, desired colour, hair health, hair porosity, hair density, how much length your willing to compromise, home care ect.


How often should I use purple shampoo?

We suggest not using purple shampoo until 3 weeks after you colour appointment. Otherwise, it can push your toner out.

Creamy blondes you will need to use it very sparsely. And possibly only once a month.

Hair babes who like their blonde ashier or icy can use a little more often.

Just keep in mind toners / blonde shampoos only change the tone.

Toners do not lighter the hair.

If anything, too much purple shampoo can make it to ash will make the hair appear darker/ duller.

Do not use the following:

DeLorenzo, Fanola and Fudge

Please don’t not use purple shampoo a few weeks before your hair appointment for better colour result in salon,


How often should I get my hair coloured?

Blonde foiled queen

( full head foils)

7- 8 weeks is suggested to keep the brightness and not get a shadow


Low maintenance blonde

( full foils and root smudge)

8-12 weeks

Creates a softer grow out by still needs a upkeep especially with a face frame


Dimensional balayage

( balayage )

12 weeks to 6 months

This is a lived in blonde and a low maintenance look. If your happy with the desired colour this colour is easy to maintain. You can come in sooner for a toner, treatment, cut or even our face frame package.


Platinum Goddess

( scalp lightening)

6-8 weeks maximum

Going over the 8 weeks make can lead to conjure bands and we strongly recommend against this.

Coming under 6 weeks can create overlapping and breakage.

Please do not book for this appointment unless you’re willing to commit to your appointments every 6-8 weeks.


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