Blonde Hair Care: How to Maintain your Kasey Lee Blonde

We all know the feeling of how incredible our hair feels after a salon appointment, and maybe even slightly delaying when we wash our hair next just so we don’t loose the “salon feels”. But, with the right products and treatments you can have your own salon treatment at home on the daily!!

To keep your blonde hair healthy and prolong the fresh salon blonde colour, we can’t stress enough about a proper hair care routine and the correct products to ensure we are restoring the moisture back into your hair that we had stripped during the colour process.

Our Top Tips on How to Care for your Kasey Lee Blonde

Avoid Purple Shampoo

Whilst this product seems to be in every blonde girls shower caddy, it is not recommended. It is unnecessary to use purple shampoo UNLESS you’re wanting to go for the ashy-blonde look. Purple Shampoo will reduce the brightness of your blonde and can leave build up throughout your hair. Instead we recommend using a high-moisturising and nourishing conditioner to prolong the longevity of your blonde and enjoying that bright, beautiful colour to it’s maximum!

Regular Trims

Don’t underestimate the power of a trim. It is important to keep up to date with removing split ends with regular trips to the salon to help maintain the health and growth of your hair.

Reduce Hot Tools:

Step away from the hair dryer… Reducing the amount of times you are using your hot flat iron, curling iron or hair dryer will leave your blonde feeling healthier and fresher for longer. When we colour your hair, the nutrients on your scalp reduce, which is why adding an excessive amount of heat to your hair actually adds to the dryness of your hair from the chemical process. Using a hot tool can actually end up damaging your hair after a salon visit and its beautiful colour.

Give your hair a mini heat-cation after your salon trip, and style your hair with a messy bun or cute braid after a wash instead of a blow dry or straighten. If you need to use a hot tool, ensure you use a heat protectant spray prior so that it holds the moisture in your beautiful hair – we recommend the Redken Iron Shape 11 Heat Protectant.

Redken Iron Shape 11


To get the ultimate blonde, we put our hair through a lot of harsh processes to our natural hair nutrients and ultimately leaving our hair dry and weak. It is important that we restore the moisture we stripped through the colour process by using high-mositurising products and/or repair masks to prevent breakage. Blonde hair requires products full of protein to bring back the moisture to our damaged hair. 

Girls who are frequently colouring their hair, need to be cautious about what type of products they are putting through their hair at home. Supermarket products just won’t cut it anymore if you want your hair to stay healthy and full of moisture.

Our Top Take-Home Products for Blonde Hair

K18 Leave in Treatment

Think of K18 as an apology note to your frazzled, stressed-out hair, one that works by repairing the keratin within each strand.

This no-rinse hair treatment, promises to reverse damage caused by colouring, heat and styling for stronger, softer and more manageable hair.

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Blow Out Spray

This Blow Out Primer spray is for all hair types and textures with a bi-phase formula that will condition and smooth hair for an effortless blowout.

All while nourishing your blonde hair and leaving the ultimate shine.

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Redken Quick Blowout Spray Bottle 125mls

Olaplex No.8 – Bond Intense Moisture Mask

Designed to moisturise and treat damaged hair. This highly concentrated mask adds smoothness, body and shine to your blonde while keeping the moisture in your roots for a visable healthy, blonde glow.

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All Soft Mega Hydramelt Mask

All Soft Mega products are designed to deliver the ultimate hydration and nourishment for your hair.The Hydramelt treatment is perfect for hair that struggles to retain moisture with regular products. 

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If you have any further questions about how to care for your Kasey Lee blonde, make sure you reach out to one of our team members on your next salon visit or contact us directly at We want you loving your hair for as long as possible with your new hair goals!!



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