Kasey Lee Microfibre Towel – PURPLE


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Dry your hair in half the time, while giving your hair the love it deserves.


The Kasey Lee Microfibre Towel is ultra-lightweight, ultra-soft and ultra-absorbent. Made of only the highest quality microfibre material, the softness of our towel works to protect hair while instantly absorbing any water left on the strands.


It’s the ultimate haircare accessory; and we’re here for it!


Why?! Because our hair is most fragile when it’s wet. Even rubbing your hair with a towel can lead to friction, frizz and damage.


You don’t want that.


This fashion-forward, wrap-style towel won’t only protect your hair, it will help protect your hair during a treatment AND help to dry your locks in half the time


Less blow-drying time= win; less damage= even BIGGER win.


This is the gamechanger, babe



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