The Ultimate Detangle Brush White

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The Ultimate Detangle Brush By Kasey Lee Blonde Specialist
Hey Babe! You’re about to effortlessly detangle your hair.
  • No fuss.
  • No breakage.
  • No tugging.
Our Ultimate Detangle brush is built with multi-length bristles that are comfortably placed to detangle your hair and smooth your cuticles.
The Ultimate Detangle Brush also can encourage hair growth by promoting scalp circulation, all while the smooth paddle and curved handle sit comfortably in the palm of your hand.
This means;
  • No tugging; just gliding.
  • No extra breakage; just restoration.
  • No breakage of cuticles; just a promotion of hair growth.
  • Extra care for any hair type or colour, even those with hair extensions.
  • Professional salon results… in your own home!
Great for dry or wet hair, and even better for blondes who need an extra love and care. You’re going to love it babe. xx

12 reviews for The Ultimate Detangle Brush White

  1. Katrina Garrett (verified owner)

    Love this brush, I have extremely curly hair and this brush just glides through the knots. I’ve used other brush like this but they have just ripped at my hair. This one is actually amazing!

  2. Melinda (verified owner)

    This is by far the best brush I’ve ever used. ITS AMAZING !
    My curley hair can get pretty frizzy and crazy some times , but this brush makes it so much easier to style.

  3. Keira (verified owner)

    This is the best brush I’ve come across! It doesn’t pull on my hair whatsoever and I can brush my hair when it’s wet now which is a big YES for me!

  4. Bree (verified owner)

    I dread having to brush my girls hair. It can get all mattered and tangled just eating her breaky.

    This brush, was by far the best brush I have laid my hands on. No tears from her and I actually enjoyed the mother daughter time – just like it should be!

  5. Casey

    I’ve never brushed my hair more in my life! I decided to put it to the full test and tackle my knotty birds nest and I was shocked as to how easily and quickly it detangled my hair! It’s such a great design and easy to hold. You’ll be addicted to brushing your hair multiple times a day after you gets your hands on one of these!

  6. Jamie (verified owner)

    I’ve never been a fan of other detangling brushes on the market, but this brush is flawless! It glides through my hair gently and effortlessly, leaving it soft and smooth with no breakage. Highly recommend for everyone of all hair types, I’ll never go back to any other brush

  7. Maddy Barry

    I will never ever go back to any other brush!! This brush does exactly what it says in the description… no pulling or grabbing at my knots at all!! I use it wet and dry and brushing through my hair oils too. It’s easy to clean which is a big plus!!

  8. Julie (verified owner)

    Amazing! I am in love with this brush. It’s Brushes my hair with ease – wet or dry. Highly recommend.

  9. Maddy (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing brush! doesn’t tug on my hair & brushes my hair out so nice and easily. Love it

  10. Nicole

    The most beautiful brush in my long hair with no tugging or breakage. This is a must have

  11. Elaine

    This is the best hair brush for my really long tangled hair it straightens it aswell
    Knots pull without any damage
    And works really well in my 3 year old granddaughters curly crazy hair brushes out all knots when washed and conditioned very happy with my brush

  12. Rach

    Amazing brush, detangles my frizzy curly hair whether it’s wet or dry. Makes styling easy, no fuss and light without any breakage. A must have for your hair!

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