Clip-In Hair Extensions


Do you love the fullness and quality of our in-salon Russian hair extensions, but prefer the flexibility of being able to take them in and out? Our Kasey Lee Clip In extensions give you that option!

Achieve the same finished look as you do leaving the salon! Don’t risk buying online and receiving your order in the wrong color, these extensions can be matched specifically to your hair color through an in-salon consultation and optional color matching session.Clip-in Hair Extensions are a great option if you’re wanting extra fullness, volume and length temporarily. Simply add them in and take them out as you desire.

Our 100% Russian Hair is the highest quality Premium hair you can use in extensions. Developed by Kasey Lee, once you feel them, you won’t look back. 

Think soft, smooth, invisible, effortless hair, so discrete you won’t even know they’re there. If cared for well, these extensions will last you for years. How? The quality is a game changer!! 

Our clip-in extensions are available in 20 and 24 inch lengths with 125 grams over 7 pieces of luscious hair to provide the thickness & volume you desire. 

For colour matching please get in touch with us for a consultation via our Facebook Page. Brunette & Custom colors are available to pre-order with a 4 week wait time. 

If it’s the Kasey Lee Glow Up you are after then adding some clip in extensions to your color is perfect. 

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